About Us



Global Energy Learning Solutions (GELS) delivers a range of high-quality Training and Recruitment services to the Global Resources & Energy industries. The services offered by GELS are backed by our years of industry knowledge and experience.  The GELS team draws on more than 150 years in the resources, and oil and gas industries.

Our team have national and international experience on major onshore and offshore projects. This provides GELS with a solid base in the design, operation, training and maintenance of global Oil and Gas facilities. In addition, GELS also offers consulting and recruitment services across these industries.

GELS is committed to working with oil and gas companies to develop highly skilled personnel for the energy industries of today. Our aim is to generate the talent so that your facilities are operated safely and efficiently, in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

GELS can provide value to our clients through it’s team of very experienced course developers, trainers and workplace assessors. These are not just trainers, but energy industry professionals with many years of practical experience in oil and gas production, along with extensive experience and qualifications in training and assessment. We have established relationships with industry and national competency institutions, and incorporate the latest technology into our services. GELS works closely with our clients, to ensure that we understand their requirements and deliver projects on time and on budget.


The GELS organisational philosophy is to partner and integrate itself with our clients. Through its highly qualified and experienced team, GELS is adept at establishing business processes and procedures for the resources & energy industries. We deliver industry standard safety and competency solutions, and services to our clients.


Our vision is to be the trusted advisor for the Global Resources & Energy industries.

We believe that our combined experience working with many of the region’s leading operators has prepared us to offer value adding solutions to our clients and partners.